Thursday, November 16, 2006

Catalog Shopping

Everybody shops. Not everyone likes it, but everyone does it.

I no longer drive and I live nestled in a neighborhood, not within shopping distance in my wheelchair. However, I have grandchildren and relatives and friends who like birthday presents, and I still have to wear clothes, and there are many other reasons I still have to shop. Living in my wheelchair for the last several years, and still needing to shop, I have become proficient at catalog shopping.

Buying something based on a catalog picture is very different from standing in a store where I can actually touch or try on an item before I buy it. I am ready to pass on lessons learned from years of experience with catalog shopping. And, coincidentally, it is shopping season.

My Motto: I want everything and I want it delivered. (If you like the motto, I can direct you to a catalog that sells tee shirts imprinted with those words.)

Now, let the shopping begin --

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